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“Had three home inspections before.

  By far this was the best!”

                – Dan & Dina D., Mississauga



“Made the home inspection easy for us to      understand and we learned a lot too.”

                  – Paul & Debora J., Mississauga  



“We were so lucky to find a good home inspector. Great aftercare service.”

                    – Maria & Jamie M., North York



“Great home inspector referral by our agent. Good agent & good inspector.”

                                          – Gerry B., Toronto



 “This inspector knows what he’s doing. He gave us the assurance we needed to purchase our new home.”

                               – Joe & Vita M., Toronto



“The pre-listing inspection paid off. We fixed up a few key things that needed repair and our house sold."

                             – Virginia & Vic B., Bolton



"The inspection helped me get new balcony windows for my condo and saved me a lot of money."

                                       – ???????., Toronto



"Finding the plumbing leak from the condo above got us a better deal and we didn't have to pay to fix everything up."

                                   – ??????., Mississauga



"Almost didn't buy the house because the A/C unit wouldn't turn on. It was just a broken breaker switch."

                        –  ??????????., Hamilton



"The thermal camera located the basement wall leak. Sold the house soon after we fixed it. Saved us time and money."

                                       – ???????., Toronto



"The attic was dangerourly humid because the vents were all blocked. Finding that was worth it all. Great inspection."

                                       – ???????., Toronto



"The builder left bathroom vents loose in the attic. Thanks to the inspection, it got fixed in a big hurry."            

                                          – ???????., Toronto



"It's our first home and we appreciated the extra time the inspector took to answer all our questions. "               

                                          – ???????., Toronto



"Who ever put in the pot lights made a real mess of the attic insulation. Seller had it all redone. Thanks for catching this one."          

                                          – ???????., Toronto



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